At this time of the year, you may begin to suspect that the upcoming Chinese New Year will affect delivery services. During the holiday period, can I still place an order and receive the purchased goods? Or will there be a backlog and a lead time of several weeks?
Well, this holiday may affect the delivery of certain orders from the warehouse in China. However, we must operate in overseas warehouses in the United States, Belgium, Brazil, Australia and Mexico, etc. Order delivery service will not be carried out by Chinese holidays.
We strongly recommend that you purchase from our overseas warehouse. All products will be shipped free of charge and shipped within 24 hours. Therefore, you can rest assured that your package will arrive on time. And you will never be bothered by customs clearance problems!
In addition, you can also apply for coupons worth $5, $15, $30, $50 respectively until February 23, 2018. Coupon codes are as follows:
HOLIDAY5: $100 or more of the total purchase, except for the print head
HOLIDAY15: Total purchase of $300 or more, print head
Except HOLIDAY30: total purchase $500 or more, print head
HOLIDAY50: Total purchase of $1000 or more, excluding print heads
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